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All tattoo appointments require a deposit,   
All deposits are non refundable, they can not be transferred. We require a minimum of 24hrs to reschedule any appointment to avoid losing your deposit.

​Deposit breakdown:

60-100 = $20 deposit
100-250 = $40 deposit
over 250 = $100 deposit

The minimum tattoo charge is $80


Mark Paroyan is currently accepting bookings however he is booking about
6-8 months ahead.
​To book you will require a deposit immediately to reserve your spot. 
Any changes to agreed upon design may result in your appointment being rescheduled. 






Clients' tattoos may be photographed, Lynyrd Skynart owns the rights to these images and they can be used as seen fit.
Artists' are not responsible for poor healing, incorrect dates, spelling or names.

No children or pets.

Tattoos are 18+ or 16+ with Parent Consent. ID is Required.



  • How do I book an appointment?
    All appointments require a deposit to book a time. We require 24-hour notice to cancel, or you lose your deposit.
  • What if I need a touch-up?
    Touch-ups are $10 for up-to 1-year after the tattoo was completed. After 1-year it is at the hourly rate.
  • Do you use clean needles?
    Yes! All of our needles are pre-packaged and sterilized prior to being used. The shop is inspected by the Niagara Regional Health Department three times a year. We also have tattooed members of the Health Board.
  • What if I need something drawn up? Do you do this?
    We do tons of custom drawn tattoos. We will customize it to your specifications and have it ready for your appointment date or prior if desired.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    Our preferred method of payment is cash or e-transfer. We do have square available for debit or credit if needed at an additional 2% fee.
  • Is the tattoo going to hurt?
    Yes. It can be uncomfortable but generally much less painful than you would expect.
  • Should I eat before my tattoo?
    You do not want to get tattooed on a hungry stomach. You may be there for a few hours and it may get uncomfortable if you are hungry or become hungry.
  • Do you accept walk-ins?
    Yes, however, our appointments come first, so only if there is an opening available.
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